Understanding how the medals are awarded

The number of medals and prizes awarded at each edition of the Festival Mondial du Cirque De demain often raises questions from our audience.
To understand how these prizes and medals are awarded, here is some information about the scoring methods and rules.

The jury consists of ten prominent figures from the art world, who attend each of the two programs two times.
- Thursday evening, program A
- Friday evening, program B
- Saturday, program B in the afternoon and program A in the evening.
Deliberations take place on Saturday night and into Sunday morning.

Each act is evaluated according to three criteria:
- A technical mark out of 25
- An artistic mark out of 15
- A mark for interaction with the public out of 10

The jury has 9 medals to assign in total. They can allocate them as they see fit.

The Jury also awards 3 acts with a SPECIAL JURY PRIZE.

The GRAND PRIX and the President of the French Republic Prize are given to the act with the most points overall.
The City of Paris Prize is awarded to the favourite act chosen by a representative of the City of Paris.

Alongside the Prizes issued by the jury, Partners of the Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain may award a prize or a trophy to the artist of their choice, for example the Cirque Du Soleil award is dedicated to innovation while the Annie fratellini trophy rewards comic performances.
Some awards are accompanied by a cash prize while others come with a contract offer to work with the company such as those of Cirque Phénix, Moulin Rouge, Dragone.

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